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Camels are so well adapted to the desert that its hard to imagine them living anywhere else but what if we have them pegged all wrong what if those big humps feet and eyes were evolved for a different climate and a different time in this talk join radiolabs latif nasser as he tells the surprising story of how a very tiny very strange fossil upended the way he sees camels and the world.

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Span classnews_dt11212018spannbsp018332youve heard about the importance of goal setting we all have you know that people with written goals succeed and you might have read all about achieving ambitious goals the problem is you dont have any ambitious goals you dont have any goals at all youre not really sure what you.

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Managers know that engaged employees are more effective but despite the vast amount of employee engagement research out there very little of it focuses on a persons primary reason for.

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Music foo fighters have no idea why prince covered their song at super bowl drummer taylor hawkins says best of you halftime performance could be revenge for foos darling nikki bside.

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Span classnews_dt12112018spannbsp018332at the googlehearing rep smith is bringing up debunked claims that have been pushed by president trumphere lamarsmithtx21 no 96 of.

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Span classnews_dt3262019spannbsp018332for those wondering if it was still possible for the senate republican leader mitch mcconnell to raise his cynicism game tuesdays show vote on the green new deal supplied a resounding yes.

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Span classnews_dt142019spannbsp018332comparecards by lendingtree conducted an online survey of more than 1000 people and found that 37 percent either ly or somewhat agreed with the statement i have no idea.

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Correction well well well i completely messed that up corrections have been made and numbers of children have been fixed hopefully thanks to all you lovely people and jim gaffigan who is.

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You have no idea by vanessa williams amp helen williams you have no idea is the highly anticipated first book from award winning singer and actress vanessa williams and her mother helen.

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